Latest And Best Funny Whatsapp Conversations

Welcome back. Today we have collected some of the best and latest funny whatsapp conversations for our readers. Along with text messages, we also added whatsapp funny conversations screenshots both in Hindi and English languages. I bet all these whatsapp conversations will make you LOL.

Latest Funny Whatsapp Conversations

Boy: Sukhi sukhi sadkon pe main..
Girl: Galat gaa raha hai! It’s bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main..
Boy: Arre ghonchu.. Garmi ka mausam aa gaya hai, tu gayi thi raste pe paani daalne?? Aayi badi bheegi bheegi sadkon waali.

One day in school:
Teacher: One who answers my next question, can go home.
Bablu throws his bag out of the window.
Teacher: Who just threw that?
Bablu: Me. And, as I answered your question, I’m going home now.

Boss : Where You went
Employee : To cut my hair
Boss: In office hours ?
Employee : Hair also grew in office hour
Boss: and what about at home ? there didn’t it grew ?
Employee: Abe takla, Utna hi katvaya hai jitna office me grew hua hai !!

Girl: Why are not you answering?
Boy: Sorry, I dropped my phone and I can’t find it. I’ll text you when I find it.
Girl: ok
After one hour….
Girl: You find it yet?
Boy: No
Girl: Okay, let me know once you find it.

Son: Got 100 out of 100 in Mathematics.
Mom: WTF, well done.
Son: Mom, what do you think WTF means?
Mom: Well that’s fantastic.

Boy: Lets be something more than friends.
Girl: What? Best friends?
Boy: No x_x, I mean something more than that.
Girl: Mega best friends?

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Boyfriend: Happy Birthday Baby.
Girlfriend: Awww, thank you sweetheart. What did you get me?
Boyfriend: It was supposed to be a surprise, but u remember that pink Mercedes that you wanted so hardly?
Girlfriend: OMG OMG OMG !!! YES YES YES!!! I’M screaming now. OMG!!!!!!!
Boyfriend: Well. I got you a toothbrush in the same color.

Nishita: What?
Monica: Rahul asked me out!!!
Nishita: OMG!! When?
Monica: Just now!! We have a date for February 30th.
Nishita: There is no February 30th.

Best Whatsapp Funny Conversations

Funny Whatsapp conversations

Whatsapp conversation funny

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